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What are the origins of, as an Internet newspaper, turns nine in October 2015. However, its history dates back to mid-2006 in the form of a friendly takeover with boardroom changes at Bangladesh News 24 Hours Ltd, the owning company.

The takeover was an opportunity to return to the drawing board. What had started as BDNEWS – with the news agency service delivered through a site open only to several client newspapers in Bangladesh – had become difficult to sustain for the start-up promoters.

In June 2006, Toufique Imrose Khalidi, journalist and former BBC broadcaster, took over as Managing Director of the company, and the organisation re-emerged as The only other member of the Board of Directors is ICT entrepreneur Asif Mahmood, who chairs.

As Editor-in-Chief, Toufique Khalidi headed a new-look team of experienced, talented, tech-savvy, multi-tasking, high-energy staff gathered from across the profession to build a faster-moving newsroom.

The news outfit’s second incarnation came as an online newspaper – an idea conceived just ahead of a five-day public holiday in late October 2006.

Facing the challenge of delivering news to a population who would be without newspapers during the holiday, the Editor-in-Chief took the decision to allow completely unrestricted and free access to the entire content of the platform, including news, for the duration of period. At that moment — in the early hours of October 23, 2006— was born Bangladesh’s first online newspaper!

Where is based?

Located at the heart of one of Dhaka’s business hubs and barely a five-minute walk from the headquarters of BRAC (the world’s largest NGO), occupies two floors of the Red Crescent Concord Tower in Mohakhali. Traffic permitting, newsroom is a 15-minute drive from the international airport and is conveniently located within close distance of Dhaka’s financial hub Motijheel, Bangladesh’s administrative centre the Secretariat and the capital city’s diplomatic enclave.

What underpins’s longstanding attractiveness to partners?

A number of compelling factors underpin why is regarded as a platform which exemplifies ‘value for money’ to its commercial partners.’s page-view per visit and time on site has increased year on year. On average, each visitor views four pages and spends almost eight and a half minutes on the site.’s ‘stickiness’ has grown throughout the year, increasing the visibility of advertisements. This pattern increased with the re-launch of’s blog site in February 2014.

Another factor accounting for’s ‘value for money’ reputation amongst its commercial partners and advertisers is the site’s strength in terms of the proportion of ‘new readers/visitors’: these accounted for 16.5 percent of’s visitors through the year (the balance are ‘returning readers/visitors’) in 2014.

Here, the print newspaper industry helps define reader categories: an overwhelming proportion of a newspaper’s readers are regular subscribers – ‘returning readers’. However, the same newspaper is also purchased by new people from news stalls for the first time: ‘new readers’.

In the case of out of every 100,000 people visiting its website, 14,500 people are visiting it for the fist time. It is this unassailable evidence that garners its advertising revenue. Advertisers are drawn to the compelling fact that the longer they maintain their presence on the portal, the larger are the new audiences they can reach – far greater than through a presence on any other news outlet in Bangladesh.

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