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What are’s core strengths?’s strengths are considered to be its trustworthiness, reliability and authenticity. While being renowned for its speed of newsgathering and publication – is also widely known to give priority to authenticity over speed.

What lies behind’s recent drop in Alexa rankings relative to some other news providers?

Alexa traffic estimates and ranks are based on its “panel of toolbar users” which are intended to be “a sample of all Internet users”. However, the basis for sample selection is not divulged, whereas it is patently impossible for their methodology to ensure sample distribution fairly reflects Internet users by region, country and Web usage.

Perhaps the major flaw in Alexa’s approach as far as is concerned is that Alexa’s reliance on data from those who have Alexa toolbars installed on their devices represents not only a miniscule portion of global Internet users but also constitutes a completely random sample of users and projects a skewed picture.

How does compare itself to other Bangladeshi news operations?

Every news outlet has its strength., as it has been at pains to emphasise, has earned a reputation for delivering ‘the authentic version’ consistently faster than its competitors. Testimony to its position as the news site of choice in Bangladesh is the number of visitors draws throughout the year compared to other news providers.

On Dec 12, 2013 when the former senior Al Badr figure Abdul Quader Molla was hanged for war crimes of 1971, experienced a remarkable 48,000 concurrent readers on its site in the half hour following – exactly double that of its nearest competitor. On that day saw a massive total of about 1.7 million visits. Meanwhile, one of Bangladesh’s leading daily newspapers Prothom Alo had half a million less, according to Google Analytics.

According to the Analytics figures, Prothom Alo has had a consistently lower readership than However, again attested by Google Analytics, during major events and at times of political crises’s traffic increases dramatically as a substantial additional chunk of Bangladesh’s online readership turns to the portal: real time traffic is double, sometimes even triple, that of Prothom Alo.

What is the size of’s readership over longer periods?

In may 2015, had 99.8 million page-views as opposed to Prothom Alo’s 84.55 million, according to Google Analytics. had 6.6 million unique visitors as opposed to Prothom Alo’s 4.16 million. While 16 percent readers were ‘new’, Prothom Alo had 6 percent. [‘New’ as opposed to ‘returning’ visitors are a significant measure of an outlet’s readership growth]. is currently the most ‘liked’ news outlet in Bangladesh. It was the first to reach the million mark on Facebook among all news outlets in Bangladesh. Market watchers are well aware about quality of these figures (‘organic’).

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